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Account management is one of the pains of running any organization, but for education, it's a true pain. Students, teachers, and staff come and go, so you need a tool to help manage your accounts. Honu is magical, and you'll love it working for you.


Attendance during class is hard enough, why not make it easy to track all of your other activities too? Hoot helps you manage extracurricular activities, teacher meetings, staff meetings, and any school activity you want to track attendance. Hoot is a hoot to use!


Did you know that your students' information is the most sought after data because it is new and fresh? Security is an important aspect that is often ignored in many school systems. By using GMYC, you will start to identify your most unpredictable risk, the human factor.

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."
- Albert Einstein

Our Story

Our Story

We were frustrated with continuously buying hard-to-use overpriced software from companies that didn't understand our constraints, our environments, or our people. We started rediZOO to provide quality, user-friendly, affordable software that helps schools focus on what's important, educating our kids.